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andrew del rizzo






Winter 2021
AR Design
Product Design
UI/UX Design
Competitive Analysis
After Effects

Expanse is designed to improve people's productivity by providing virtually unlimited space for the user to interact with. It is made for users who require more screen space than one monitor can provide but may not have the ability to have multiple monitors or require a more portable solution.

Expanse is made with the features that designers, video editors, and artists need in their workflow, such as personalized hotkeys and the ability to view multiple toolbars without overlap. Bring your workspace with you and never slow your workflow down.

What already exists

Most AR devices on the market right now aren't meant for personal use, being offered mainly for industrial or office practices. They tend to provide standalone experiences rather than pairing functionality with other devices, thus not allowing for integration with existing workflows or the combination with devices of greater processing power.

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Magic Leap One

Who are the users and what are their needs?

Expanse is meant for designers, video editors, 3D modelers, artists or any creative who needs a more efficient and dynamic workspace. They could be lacking the physical space to own multiple monitors or require a more portable solution when working between the office and home.

What does Expanse offer?

More space in less space

Utilize a virtually endless workspace without compromising for physical limitations.


Interact between the physical screens and virtual screens freely and organize your windows as you want. Infinite space = infinite configurations.


Bring Expanse from home to work to your local coffee shop and pick up right where you left off.

Seamlessness and Power

External sensors allow for more processing power to be placed on the headset itself and allow for a near-perfect positional sync with the physical display.


Work in an infinite environment that you can take full control of with full hand tracking, a palm-based menu system, and configurable virtual macros to improve your workflow.


Comfortable, compact and powerful, Expanse allows for you to work efficiently without even noticing it's there.


Expanse is designed and optimized for long periods of use to provide a comfortable experience so that your workflow doesn't have to be halted by soreness.

External Sensors

Detachable from the headset are two sensors that are to be fitted to the corners of a physical screen in a diagonal arrangement. This allows for the headset to position the virtual screens in relation to the physical screen in any environment.

Get right back into your work

As soon as you turn on your computer or flip open your screen and put on your headset, Expanse is ready for use right where you left off.

All in the palm of your hand

Turn open your palm to display your workspace presets, programs that you frequently use and the macro creator.

Workspace Presets

Your presets appear along the outside of your thumb, allowing you to select which workspace you want to work in. Each workspace has buttons that you predefine and can set as macros for whatever program you need them for.

Macro Buttons

With your palm open, pinch at your pinky and drag out a button to create a new  macro that can be used as a hotkey in any program of your choice.

Opening Programs

In your palm are any programs you need in your workflow. Simply pinch a program you want to open and toss it into your workspace to see it open in the augmented space.

Positioning Programs

Pinch any open program that appears in the augmented workspace with both hands and drag it into any position, angle or size you would like to optimize your workspace.

Next Steps

I would love to make this a reality, at least the software part, as I think it would be awesome to have this software be utilized by other AR headsets. I plan to attempt to build this out as an actual app and make this a reality by utilizing Unity and help from a couple friends of mine.

Andrew Del Rizzo 2021